Funding issue looming for career, technical education

As football season is upon us, it is often said that college powerhouses like Alabama and Oregon don’t rebuild, they just reload. And so it is with the Arizona Manufacturers Council (except without the chrome helmets). As we plan ahead for the 2016 legislative session, there are many issues to address for manufacturing and our economy, and the AMC is poised and ready to help the state move forward and stay on track with its economic recovery.

Gov. Doug Ducey has been a whirling dervish of engagement and promotion since he hit the ground running last January and his activity on a state, regional, national and international level is already starting to pay dividends as companies take notice that Arizona is open for business. The governor’s ability to put together a coalition in pursuit of a goal is a valued skill that will serve the state well in our quest for quality jobs and economic development.

But looming large is the funding issue of career and technical education as well as the joint technical education districts. The recent economic downturn resulted in some tough funding decisions throughout the state budget, but the cutbacks in these programs will cause a time bomb of unprepared workers moving into the economy at the exact period when it is imperative to have available the skills and the workers that quality CTE programs produce. If Arizona is to expand its technical and manufacturing sector, young