2015 a year of personnel reform, technology trends in Maricopa County

Not a day goes by without reading another story of a looming crisis requiring governments to make large investments in education, pensions, border control, transportation, new prisons and more.

At Maricopa County, we face many of those same challenges and demands, but understand that we cannot saddle our taxpayers with increasing property tax burdens.

Instead we continue to apply strict fiscal discipline and a business mindset to everything we do. We’re a county that must focus on needs, not wants.
We are proud to have an amazing group of leaders to guide Maricopa County on a continued path of true economic recovery. Part of that success is because we continue to partner closely with state and local governments, non-profit organizations and constituents like you.

Many point to local government as the engine of change for the next 20 years, the place where citizens are more likely to see innovative policy, proactive energy and transformative reforms. Maricopa County is on the precipice of pursuing tomorrow’s potential, right now.

How are we accomplishing that you may ask? Maricopa County is looking inward, not only at what we do at the county level, but who is doing the work.

•Personnel reform: As chairman, I was proud to launch a ground-breaking personnel reform effort this year. The goals: Making the county’s workforce more accountable and efficient, competitive and productive. This was no small undertaking as we significantly cut bureaucratic red tape so the county can move quickly to hire the best job applicants. Now we are rewarding performance while giving management the flexibility to work with those who are struggling to execute. Moving forward, you have a county government that is lean and efficient, yet provides outstanding customer service. The public deserves no less.