Gosar: Reflecting on 2018, Arizona’s Fourth Congressional District

I want to reflect back on the many events of 2018. Besides the inflamed rhetoric, violence from ANTIFA and other leftists, the economy is booming, foreign countries now respect the United States, we are winning the trade wars and there is a new and robust optimism in the country. I am proud to have been […]

Gosar: Kyl qualified choice to serve as Arizona senator

Sen. Jon Kyl is an experienced and qualified choice to serve the people of Arizona in the senate. His strong record on water, natural resources and judicial nominees will greatly benefit the people of Arizona. I’m grateful for his get-back-to-work attitude as there are many issues the senate needs to take up and pass for […]

Gosar: House passes National Defense Authorization Act

For nearly 60 years, Congress has executed its Constitutional obligation to provide for the common defense through the National Defense Authorization Act. Today’s bill provides our troops with the equipment and weapons they need to keep us safe. After years of personnel reductions and proposed cuts to our defense budget under the previous administration, the […]