McGrew: Thanks for helping with Youth Empowerment Partners event

The Youth Empowerment Partners had another very successful leadership retreat in August and we want to thank all of our partners and adult allies for your support. I want to begin by thanking Russell True and his family and staff at the White Stallion Ranch for hosting and providing us with amazing accommodations, which included […]

Youth Matter Summer Session June 16 at Apache Junction High School

It’s hard to believe this school year is almost over. Just a year ago members of the Apache Junction Wellness Partnership came together to address the potential fallout from the controversial teenage suicide drama series, “13 Reason’s Why,” which aired on Netflix. After receiving a significant donation from Russell True, owner of the White Stallion […]

Have a green thumb? It’s time for volunteers to plant vegetables at Earth Heart Park

Horizon Health and Wellness invites the community to join in for a day of planting at the Earth Heart Park, 625 N. Plaza Drive in Apache Junction. Community members are invited to assist with preparing the beds and planting of vegetables for the fall/winter gardens thanks to generous donations from Bonnie Plants and Frontier Ace […]