Harvey: Candidate missing ‘paid by’ statement on campaign signs

I wish to report a campaign violation by mayoral candidate Dave Waldron. I was a precinct committeeman when I lived nearer to Apache Junction and so I know something about campaign signs. Waldron does not have the state-mandated “paid by” on many, if not all, of his signs. I was in the city clerk’s office […]

Harvey: Why not to vote for Doug Coleman

Why not to vote for Doug Coleman? He is a taxpayers’ welfare recipient. He was a teacher, a city councilman, a mayor and then a state representative, all paid by our tax monies. He will also receive a life pension from each of these positions and once again these pensions are paid by taxpayers’ money. […]

Harvey: Do not elect Coleman as justice of the peace

How many of you fellow taxpayers receive a pension? Think about this: draw a salary for a number of years as a teacher, draw a salary as both an Apache Junction city councilman and then mayor and then draw a salary as an Arizona state representative all at taxpayers’ expense. Now add to that, draw […]