Adults went door-to-door on Halloween for candy

Halloween is for children. Trick or treat night in America. Celebrate the dead is for the Spanish-heritage public and other countries.

This last Oct. 31 saw the final invasion of the region by those who demand Americans accept and practice Spanish language in laws and customs in English-heritage America.

Enough of the invasion of the border by the adults who came through a homeowners association neighborhood to collect the children’s candy. Costume design did not hide the fact that they were adults of generous proportion and size. Shame on them and shame on homeowners who did not protest in the name of political politeness.

It is easy to see why America has lost its greatness to the bully of the neighborhoods.

TV news bragging “second-generation Spanish students are becoming the leaders in business of tomorrow” forget to mention it is only because of their American school educations.

Shame on Americans who do not demand English-first be the rule of law, business and education, as other generations of immigrants have with pride.

F. P. Shorte