Coward: What about us for a tech corridor?

In regards to the article in the recent about the “Tech Corridor Study” being considered and funded by Pinal County, I have to ask what about us? I think it’s a grand plan to attempt to create a tech corridor in western Pinal County but what about the rest of the county? There are many […]

Coward: We need a market-based approach to drive down carbon pollution

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (H.R. 7173) will drive down America’s carbon pollution and bring climate change under control, while unleashing American technology innovation and ingenuity. The way it works is that it puts a fee on fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas at the source. It starts low and grows over […]

Group thanks those who voted ‘yes’ on AJUSD override

We want to thank the voters who supported our children with a “yes” vote; we also want to thank each of you for your support with the AJUSD override.

Although at this time it appears that the override will not pass, final numbers will be updated by Friday of this week.

Regardless of the final outcome, our grassroots committee’s work does not end with this election.

We intend to continue monitoring the need for adequate funding to provide quality education for all of our school children in Apache Junction and Gold Canyon.

We will actively seek positive response by our elected representatives at the state legislature, holding them responsible for how they respond to our children’s needs.

To those who voted “no,” we invite you to engage with us in civil dialogue to find constructive ways of providing the best education for today’s children and tomorrow’s responsible citizens. The well-being of all Apache Junction and Gold Canyon residents demands nothing less than commitment of resources by all of us, to the goal of an educated and civic-minded citizenry.

A lot of our community members, businesses and school vendors stepped up and helped the Children First Committee-Save our Schools financially; we have found that we are just $1,908.23 short of our goals for money raised for the campaign. We are asking that you help, by donating $50, $25 or even $10 towards retiring this debt and to continue the conversation.