Limongello: Vote for ‘a true leader,’ Dena Kimble for school board

As a parent and community volunteer with two boys in the Apache Junction school district I am excited to support Dena Kimble in the upcoming Apache Junction Unified School District board election. Dena impressed me with her ability to listen carefully to both sides of the story and she isn’t afraid to ask questions that […]

Group still working to solve school budget problems

Although the (Apache Junction Unified School District) budget override did not pass, the people in the community are still talking about it and voicing their concerns, while others are asking what they can do to help fund our schools. Our community is very diverse and poses some challenges, but if we work together we can build a stronger community.

The purpose for writing this letter is to welcome the citizens of Apache Junction and Gold Canyon to set aside their differences and collaborate with one another in finding solutions to adequately fund our schools and hold the state accountable. Everyone has their own reasons they voted for, against or not at all, for the AJUSD budget override.
As a youth advocate for the children of this community, I believe making accusations and placing blame will not solve the education crisis our schools are facing today, but only sidetrack us from the task at hand.

Please get involved, voice your opinion and help our community find sustainable solutions. There are public meetings you can attend, such as AJUSD board meetings and/or Save Our Schools meetings to help open the lines of communication and address concerns. Becoming involved and staying updated on current events will help everyone understand what is at stake and how we can work together to make a better community for all stakeholders.

Contact if you would like to be involved in solutions.

Cathy Limongello
Apache Junction