Study ranks Arizona high for length of workouts

People in Arizona work out longer than those in almost any other state, according to an analysis of data from millions of users of a popular fitness app.

Arizona ranked fifth among states, with an average weekly workout of 79 minutes, said the analysis of data from the MapMyFitness app. California was first, at 87.4 minutes per week on average, followed by Colorado, Washington and Oregon.

Experts caution that the numbers don’t necessarily mean that Arizonans themselves are working out more – the app only records where a person works out at a given time, not where they live. But they also said that, current heat wave aside, the state’s standing makes sense given its climate for the rest of the year.

Court upholds use of lethal-injection drug used in botched Arizona execution

Use of the drug midazolam in lethal injections does not constitute cruel and unusual punishment, despite its use in botched executions in Arizona and Oklahoma, the Supreme Court ruled Monday, June 29.

The court ruled 5-4 that death-row inmates had not shown a “substantial” risk from the drug, which sedates prisoners before they receive what could be a painful injection of drugs to stop their heart and breathing.