Coward: What about us for a tech corridor?

In regards to the article in the recent about the “Tech Corridor Study” being considered and funded by Pinal County, I have to ask what about us? I think it’s a grand plan to attempt to create a tech corridor in western Pinal County but what about the rest of the county? There are many […]

Dill: Medicare helps seniors use opioids safely

If you get injured or have surgery, your doctor may prescribe opioids, a class of drugs used to treat pain. Although opioids can be an important part of treatment, they carry serious risks of addiction, abuse, and overdose, especially if used continuously. This is true even for seniors and other people with Medicare coverage. While […]

Loflin: Prepare home for monsoon season

As we embark on the 2019 monsoon season, we would like to share some insight to what to expect. Monsoon storms bring heavy rainfall, strong gusty winds and hail. As all of us know who were here last year, on July 9, 2018, Arizona had the second-largest storm ever recorded. We, of course, hope that […]

Bisson: Activist encourages to write state legislators

Do you own the rights to your body? It’s a philosophical debate that has various answers depending on one’s viewpoint. The Arizona legislature considered Senate Bill 1475, also known as the DNA identification database bill, which could have mandated DNA testing for a broad range of occupations, including jobs already requiring fingerprinting. It failed in […]

Boyer: Arizona must extend statute of limitations for sexual-assault victims

The clock has run out. You can never get justice for what’s been done to you if you waited too long. In Arizona, a victim of sexual assault has only two years to file a civil lawsuit against their perpetrator — two years from the age of majority for a child who has been sexually […]

McSally: Cross-border commerce critical to AZ economy

Cross-border commerce is vital to Arizona’s economy and families. Between 2015 and 2017, Arizona exported on average $10.5 billion annually in goods to our neighbors to the north and south. More than 228,000 Arizona jobs exist today because of trade with Mexico and Canada, and there is significant potential for our economy and jobs to […]

Houston: Time for telemarketers to hang it up

It’s fun to make jokes about telemarketers, but for many people, there’s nothing funny about it. The National Do Not Call list is just an April Fools’ joke. Nobody enforces it, much less goes after violators. The cell phone companies aid and abet these violators by creating systems where telemarketers can substitute fake, disconnected numbers […]

Kerr: Celebrate Arizona Water Professionals Appreciation Week

For the first time, Arizona is celebrating Water Professionals Appreciation Week April 14-20. As chair of the Senate Committee on Water and Agriculture, I see firsthand the hard work members of the water industry do to make sure our state has a clean supply of water. Passing of Arizona’s drought contingency plan in January showed […]

Harshman: $17,000 raised for Apache Junction Police Department

Apache Junction Police Chief Thomas E. Kelly’s 2018 End of the Year Campaign has now come to an overwhelming successful conclusion. Thanks to the outstanding fundraising efforts and generous contributions of residents at Dolce Vita Resort, Golden Vista RV Park as well as many community members’ individual donations, approximately $17,000 was raised for this year’s […]

Rios: How does heavy drinking impact women?

Recent studies on alcohol misuse show a significant increase in heavy drinking among women. This trend raises concerns because research shows that women face a higher risk of certain alcohol-related health issues compared to men. Alcohol consumption related health issues can occur earlier for women, and at lower levels of consumption. For women, the effects […]