Stop ‘summer slide’ by encouraging reading

Librarians nationwide are helping students continue to learn when they are out of class for the summer. Summer reading programs were created to stop academic regression, Pinal and Maricopa county officials say. “(W)e’re trying to help stem the summer slide – that effect when students lose what they learned during the school year from lack […]

McDaniel: Have fun and stay safe on July 4

The Apache Junction Police Department would like everyone to enjoy their celebration of our country’s independence. If you come out to the Apache Junction High School Football Field for the fireworks show, remember that no personal fireworks may be brought there. There will be traffic and parking restrictions on Southern Avenue from Ironwood Drive to […]

Kelly: Thank you for funds used for detention-van video cameras

Back in December 2017, I reached out to our community and asked for financial support to purchase and install video cameras into the police department’s detention vans. This, as I noted, was sought because the world of law enforcement was changing and the need to monitor suspects had become ever more critical. The need was […]

Jacobs: Unlawful entry and immigrants

The Constitution authorizes the Congress to “make a uniform Rule of Naturalization.” I suppose that also means Congress gets to say how many immigrants we accept each year. A million? Whatever . . . Congress must also decide the qualifications needed to move in with us. Lepers? Card sharks? Alcoholics? Unrepented Communists and Nazis? It […]

Dill: Know your Medicare rights

As a person with Medicare, do you have any rights and protections? You certainly do. You have rights whether you’re enrolled in Original Medicare – in which you can choose any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare – or Medicare Advantage, in which you get care within a network of health care providers. Your rights […]

Harvey: Do not elect Coleman as justice of the peace

How many of you fellow taxpayers receive a pension? Think about this: draw a salary for a number of years as a teacher, draw a salary as both an Apache Junction city councilman and then mayor and then draw a salary as an Arizona state representative all at taxpayers’ expense. Now add to that, draw […]

Youth Matter Summer Session June 16 at Apache Junction High School

It’s hard to believe this school year is almost over. Just a year ago members of the Apache Junction Wellness Partnership came together to address the potential fallout from the controversial teenage suicide drama series, “13 Reason’s Why,” which aired on Netflix. After receiving a significant donation from Russell True, owner of the White Stallion […]

Hurns: Apache Junction community steps up for those in need

What a fantastic event throughout the whole community on one day! The 26th Annual Letter Carriers’ Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive brought in a total of 31,500 pounds of food and water donations locally. Because of generous residents and our post office employees, Apache Junction’s effort topped last year by almost 30 percent. This food […]

McDaniel: Police offer travel tips for a safe vacation

The Apache Junction Police Department wants everyone to have a safe summer. So with that, here are some simple, basic crime-prevention tips which residents/tourists should be aware of for safe summer traveling: Make sure that your vehicle is in good working order.  If it has not been serviced recently, get an inspection to include basic […]

Dyer: Of proofreading, council/mayor election

A special thanks to local reader Jim Cady who found typographical errors and omissions in the June 2018 issue and asked about our proofing process. “Richard… First of all I want to thank you for your newspaper! It is wonderful to get an abundance of well-written news about our area,” he wrote. “But… about proofreaders: […]