Yee: Arizona high school students will receive financial education this fall

As the back-to-school season is finally upon us, it is encouraging to think about all that our children will learn in this new academic school year. I was among the many parents in Arizona packing lunch boxes and taking the traditional “first day of school” photos of my children.  As they headed into their new […]

Harshman: Students going through Drug Abuse Resistance Education program

One of the best things about the school year getting underway is that a whole new set of kids in Apache Junction will be going through the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program. D.A.R.E. was established in 1983 by Los Angeles Police Department and it was so popular that it spread across the U.S. Literally millions […]

Biggs: Council’s plan for single trash provider discussed at great length

While I willingly admit that I am the abnormality when it comes to local community engagement, I have to wonder what the average person is willing to accept or rather do. Considering the recent brouhaha over the City Council’s decision to switch to a single trash provider it has by and large been brought out […]

Niesl: Why I support AJUSD bonds, override

I am a retired Gold Canyon resident with no kids or grandkids in the Apache Junction Unified School District. I’m enthusiastically in favor of the AJUSD bond/override. I have heard some Apache Junction and Gold Canyon residents are not in favor for various reasons. This is my personal perspective on it.   Some residents say that […]

Harshman: Start a Neighborhood Watch program

The Apache Junction Police Department would like to once again encourage the residents of our various communities to consider forming a Neighborhood Watch program. A Neighborhood Watch program is when citizens and police, working together, tackle some of the specific criminal activity and raise the overall quality of life issues in various neighborhoods. Neighbors get […]

Thornton: What are the Issues & Experts we ought to explore?

I was once told the virtue of the newspaper business — more acutely the idea of journalism itself — is found between the lines of art and science. The pursuit of journalistic truth is often a clumsy enterprise focused on identifying public issues and finding experts who can provide insights to variables that impact the […]

Dyer: A month’s worth of calendar items in a newspaper with ‘shelf life’

Apache Junction/Gold Canyon Independent reader Jan Long was surprised to find July 4 event information in the newspaper after the event and e-mailed me with her concern. Her July 10 letter is on the opinions page of this issue ( with my follow-up e-mail to her and then her response. I checked our daily news […]

O’Jons: Military veteran duped out of thousands of dollars

A 33 years retired disabled veteran with PTSD has been duped out of thousands of dollars on a good-faith investment that was earmarked to help a 501(c)3 company for a fictitious group home. The monies were for the home improvement, furniture and needs to get the home up and running with a monthly percentage of return […]

Dill: Medicare usually does not cover foreign travel

Planning to travel abroad this summer? Before you go, keep in mind that Medicare usually does not cover health care services or supplies while you’re traveling outside the United States. That doesn’t mean you have to travel abroad without health coverage. Here are three ways you can get health coverage outside the U.S.: If you […]

Paton: Clean Elections Act creates broader participation, transparency in elections

Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on political campaigns and the 2020 elections will be no different. Many of these dollars are from organized donors assembled as countless political action committees or PACS; private corporations and unions. It can be overwhelming to think about running for office, when you consider the amount of money […]