Barwick: Why don’t teachers do more about student achievement?

The discussion about the teacher walkout tells us all we need to know about the state of education in Arizona. What did we hear for several weeks leading up to the “walkout”? Let me recap for you. Teachers are helping our kids by asking for higher salaries, lower class size, more supplies, lower insurance cost, […]

Reveles: Support public schools system at elections

An undeniable take-away from recent events is that working for public policy change at the state legislature is a long-term and unsure process. Three years ago, the Apache Junction Unified School District faced an ongoing fiscal challenge that led to the closing of the Superstition Mountain Elementary School. The school closure was an extreme measure […]

Pierick: Mayor Serdy alone suggested line of communication with Gold Canyon

I am very disappointed by the latest article that you printed concerning Mayor Serdy’s town hall meeting here in Gold Canyon. It was not at all met with the consensual response that was printed. Mayor Serdy alone suggested a continued line of communication, not the majority of the attendees. As a matter of fact it […]

Kadlec: No plan for Gold Canyon to join with Apache Junction

Your article in the newspaper was very one-sided and did not state the facts, just the agenda of the meeting. In my opinion this is not journalism and is why Gold Canyon has no interest in becoming Apache Junction.  When printing statements or opinions, please print all sides so not to mislead your readers. Your […]

Marks: Present balanced view of opinions expressed at meeting

As a Gold Canyon resident, your article in the May 1 “Independent” was worrying.  It was so far from being independent view that it was laughable. If you want to represent Gold Canyon residents, suggest you talk to us and present a more balanced view of the opinions expressed at the meeting. The assertion that we […]

Botz: Assess manufactured-housing water rates on square footage

Apache Junction City Councilwoman Gail Evans was correct to question manufactured-housing water rates. “I would agree they have the same capacity, but when the engineer did the study for us they were assuming they would have less fixtures inside a manufactured or an RV space,” Mr. Loggins said (in the story “Rates to increase 5% […]

Hunt: Article ‘very one-sided view’ of Mayor Serdy’s Gold Canyon meeting

Dear Mr. Dyer, I was alarmed to read the account of the meeting between Mayor Serdy and the folks from Gold Canyon, plus Peralta Trails, that indicates you as the editor. The article published in the Apache Junction/Gold Canyon Independent reads as a very one-sided view of the meeting. I would suggest that you look […]

Carlozzi: Community Resource Center for all who need assistance

Genesis Project has been blessed to be the host to the Apache Junction Community Resource Center, 564 N. Idaho Road. The center is a collaboration with the city of Apache Junction and the United Way of Pinal County. Your recent article highlighted that its services are for the disenfranchised. Well, yes it is. But just […]

Brown: Will your APS bill increase this summer?

The heat has hit. The combination of rising temperatures and rising electric bills often hurts like a one-two punch to the gut. Due to the APS rate hike, the pain to your pocketbook is likely to be even more severe this summer unless you fight back. Here’s how you can deliver a blow to higher […]

HHS is committed to stopping opioid abuse, reducing drug supply and demand

Drug overdose deaths and opioid-involved deaths have been increasing in the United States. In 2016, more than 42,000 people died from an opioid-related overdose — about 116 people each day. It is estimated that more than 2 million Americans will suffer from addiction to prescription or illicit opioids in 2018. All told, this is the […]