Slyter: World-class neurological care comes to the East Valley

During my long career in health care, I’ve witnessed the struggles of patients facing complex neurological conditions. For some, a lengthy commute to the hospital can pose a barrier to the care they desperately need. That’s why I’m excited to bring the world-class Barrow Neurological Institute to Dignity Health Chandler Regional Medical Center. No longer […]

Arney: Not possible to safely drive and text at same time

Before there is another senseless death or accident, it’s time for the state legislature to take action. The use of handheld devices for texting or calling is causing unnecessary accidents that can be avoided. A vehicle traveling 40 mph travels 60 feet in one second. The time it takes to text a message can change […]

Gosar: Reflecting on 2018, Arizona’s Fourth Congressional District

I want to reflect back on the many events of 2018. Besides the inflamed rhetoric, violence from ANTIFA and other leftists, the economy is booming, foreign countries now respect the United States, we are winning the trade wars and there is a new and robust optimism in the country. I am proud to have been […]

Dyer: Credit card fraud can happen to anyone

On Thanksgiving Day, someone bought goods at an Arizona casino and stayed at an area motel. Then on Black Friday they attempted to shop three times at a major retailer and pay for food at a restaurant. All with my credit card. I was e-mailed about one charge I had not made and I phoned […]

Marks: Take advantage of Arizona tax credit before the end of 2018

Did you know Arizona allows an individual taxpayer to contribute up to $200 (or a married couple filing jointly up to $400) to a public school of their choice and get a dollar-for-dollar credit against your tax liability? That means you can direct some of the money you would normally pay in state taxes can […]

Allazetta: 5 money-saving tips to help reduce health care costs in 2019

For many people, the start of new year is a customary time to assess their health and finances. And for most Arizonans new health plan benefits begin in January, so now is an ideal time to learn how your health plan works. Here are five tips that may lead you to better health and even […]

Jorgensens: Watchdog water-quality story very informative; write more about trihalomethanes

My wife and I read your watchdog report on the Apache Junction water tests that showed higher than standard levels of trihalomethanes. Could you please continue with an article on where people can bring their water to have it tested, what water filters filter out the trihalomethanes, how much water must be consumed to be […]

Biggs: Apache Junction school district must fix camera to hear taped board meetings

I have tried to stay quiet since the recent election for school board. As a candidate, I have told people it is time to support the district and the elected leadership. However, I have to speak up. I have not been able to attend the last two meetings personally as I have had prior conflicts. […]

Blanco: Incorrect statements, discrepancies in article on Apache Junction water district

Just wanted to follow up on the December 2018 Independent watchdog report on trihalomethanes (“Tests show trihalomethanes levels higher than current standard in Apache Junction Water District,” on the front page of the December 2018 issue of the Apache Junction/Gold Canyon Independent). There are few incorrect statements and some discrepancies in Mr. Dyer’s article: The […]

Coward: We need a market-based approach to drive down carbon pollution

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (H.R. 7173) will drive down America’s carbon pollution and bring climate change under control, while unleashing American technology innovation and ingenuity. The way it works is that it puts a fee on fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas at the source. It starts low and grows over […]