Oborne: State Route 88, Lost Dutchman Boulevard will kill again

Yes, the corner of State Route 88 and Lost Dutchman Boulevard will kill again. Already two deaths in the last nine years, in addition to 20 accidents requiring police attendance. As this is an Arizona Department of Transportation intersection, at the suggestion of the good folks at Apache Junction City Hall, I wrote to our […]

Reveles: Apache Junction Mayor Serdy continues lusting after Gold Canyon’s assets

By seeking to corral volunteers from Gold Canyon organizations, businesses and home owner associations, AJ’s Mayor Jeff Serdy is unashamedly trying to annex Gold Canyon without putting annexation on the ballot. His manipulative move for a “collaborative group” is an ill-concealed power play, setting up so-called “volunteers” to “serve as the voice of the community.” […]

Dyer: State of the City reveals water, sewer, trash top of mind for ‘19

The most moving section of Apache Junction’s State of the City was when the Apache Junction High School Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps Color Guard approached the stage and Iceyss Schmitz, a winner at the 2019 AJ Kids Idol contest, sang the national anthem. Don’t take my word for it. Check out my short […]

Herrod: Costly consequences and the irony of the Equal Rights Amendment

Public policy often sounds better in theory than it plays out in reality. The Affordable Care Act, The Patriot Act, The Women’s Reproductive Health Care Act have all been criticized for arguably not living up to their names. The same will be said of the Equal Rights Amendment, should it pass the many hurdles ahead. […]

Boudreau: ‘Cheap asphalt’ near driveway washes away every rainstorm

I have lived on West Roundup Street in Apache Junction since June. This is the third time I have been held captive, not being able to drive out of my gate onto the street, which is severely eroded. My neighbors and myself are fed up with the waiting and the cheap asphalt fillings that they […]

Speak Out: Canadian visitors, tip at least 15% or ‘more if you get great service’

First of all, let me start by saying snowbirds are a very happy bunch of folks. They are grateful for the nice weather and truly enjoy their time in Arizona. I find them to be pleasant, fun and very nice. However, as a waitress in Apache Junction, I sometimes struggle to hold that same good […]

Cheves: Don’t reduce lanes on Superstition Boulevard

City council is nuts to even consider lane reduction on Superstition Boulevard. Surveys were made in May when all our seasonal visitors are gone. Don’t know why we can’t concentrate on sidewalks alone in this city like what is being done on Delaware. We have apartments on 16th that look like a slum area. Since […]

Marceau: ERA legislation assures equality for all if petty politics, myths are pushed aside

Equality in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness constitutionally is guaranteed to all American citizens. That very notion is so etched in our nation’s history and seared in our hearts and minds that its absence defies logic. Nonetheless, more than half of U.S. citizens continue to be denied equal application and protection of law […]

Geldis-Young: Lost Dutchman Days ‘crown jewel of all our events here in AJ’

Lost Dutchman Days as a whole are personally my favorite days. Our city feels electric with all the events going on between the Lost Dutchman Days Brats Party, rodeo, carnival, parade and more. This event is the crown jewel of all our events here in AJ. Since we are at the peak of our winter […]

Cheves: ‘Huge kudos’ to Banner Goldfield Medical Center, hospital employees

At 10 p.m. on Jan. 17 I had to call my daughter who lives nearby as I was having chest pains. She took me to Apache Junction’s Banner Goldfield Medical Center’s emergency hospital just five minutes from my house. They put a blood pressure cup and IV on my arm and in seconds I was […]