Cronkite Image Veteran with Art

An art therapy program from the Arizona Art Alliance helps U.S. military veterans connect to one another and ease physical pain. (Photo by Elena Mendoza/Cronkite News)

0427qc Cronkite Primary-voting-800FINAL

The lawsuit against state and Maricopa County election officials details stories of people being forced to wait hours to vote in hard-to-find polling places that were short-staffed and under-supplied, which it claimed were all violations of voting rights. (Photo by Miguel Otárola/Cronkite News)

0414Cronkite App Image

The Arizona High School Citizen app features eight sections with multiple-choice questions. (Photo by Alexis Dominguez/Cronkite News)

0414Cronkite App Creator

Riley Danler, student at Primaver Online High School, creator of the Arizona High School Citizen app.

AZ-EV Country Thunder 1 Cronkite

Ambulances and other medical services are provided at Country Thunder musical festival. (Photo by Lillian Simpson/Cronkite News)

IMAGE Cronkite Mountain Lion

The Arizona Game and Fish Department says the state’s estimated population of 25-hundred to three-thousand mountain lions is not endangered or scarce. (Corinna Stoeffl/Pixabay)

1117Cronkite 12-fastfurious-fileguns2-full

In this 2012 photo, federal officials displayed some weapons recovered from gun-trafficking operations in Phoenix. A new report called Arizona one of the top exporters of guns later used in crimes. (Photo by Rebekah Zemansky/Cronkite News)

Crime Guns

Arizona had one of the highest rates of “bad apple” gun dealers – those with a disproportionate share of guns that later were used in crimes – according to a Brady Center analysis of unpublished ATF data.